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A great project from our partner in Norway. The balustrade is finished with milk glass, which gives a special effect and ensures privacy on the balconies.

Profile: SB-A1S Leeuwarden


UNIQ profiles were used both outside and inside at the new building in Leeuwarden (NL).

Profiles: SB-A1 (inside) and SB-O1S (outside)

De Beel


Project De Beel has been realized in Diest (Belgium). This residence consists of 50 apartments.

Profile: SB-O1S

Trianon Luxemburg


Residence Trianon is located along the Route d’Esch in Luxembourg, consisting of 6 floors with a total of 66 apartments and 3 shops.

Profile: SB-O1

Don Bosco Instituut


In the new building on the campus of the Don Bosco Institute in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe (Belgium), UNIQ profiles were used for all balustrades along the stairs and floors.

Profile: SBO-1S

LED trapleuning


For this modern staircase we have supplied both the profiles and the handrail with LED lighting. Lighting architecture in homes is becoming increasingly popular.

Profile: SB-O1


A good example of how a sleek glass balustrade also fits well in a rural environment.

Profile: SB-OXS

This private building in Belgium is also equipped with a glass balustrade with UNIQ profiles. The owner and tenants are very happy with the added value that such a balustrade gives the building.

Profile: SB-O1


UNIQ profiles have been used along the floor of this very beautiful private project in Leeuwarden.

Profile: SB-O1


UNIQ profiles are also used in tropical environments, like this property on the island of Curacao with a view on the Caribbean Sea.

Profile: SB-O0.5S

Woning Grou


This very special house on the harbor of Grou (NL) has been given a glass balustrade with UNIQ profiles. The combination of wood and glass works very well.

Profile: SB-O0.5S

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