UNIQ: the unique clamping strip

UNIQ is the unique clamping strip

As simple and elegant as they may look, a huge amount of technology goes into every glass balustrade. The UNIQ system features a host of new developments based on cutting-edge insight and ever-stricter requirements.

Disadvantages of wedges

First and foremost, the purpose of a balustrade is to prevent falls. With all current systems, the glass plate is held in place with rubbers and wedges in a V-shaped aluminium profile. However, vibrations can loosen these wedges. In that case, the glass is no longer fixed, thus compromising the safety of the balustrade.

Safety first

UNIQ’s unique, patented clamp strip solves this problem completely. It clamps the glass along its entire length, making it impossible to come loose. Stress in the glass, caused by the use of wedges, is also a thing of the past.

Easy assembly

 It’s easy to assemble a UNIQ profile:

  • Secure the profile with the floor anchors.
  • Put the glass in place.
  • Place the clamp strip between the glass and the profile.
  • Screw in the special, pre-mounted screws from the top side and walkway side.

Safety combined with easy assembly and a stunning look: that’s UNIQ.

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