UNIQ: the eye for detail

UNIQ is the eye for detail

Glass balustrades are very easy on the eye. Transparent and almost invisible, the glass becomes one with the floor: an effect the UNIQ system has absolutely perfected. The finishing has also been taken to a whole new level. UNIQ is the basis for safe balustrades in their most beautiful form.

No more rubbers

To ensure the floor blends seamlessly into the glass, UNIQ uses no ugly rubbers. This creates a smooth, stylish finish that elegantly accentuates any architectural style.


A variety of aluminium top strips and side claddings can be easily clicked onto the basic profile. Frames are available for both the floor side and the void side to ensure the perfect finish for your balustrade. 

Stainless steel look or colour  

UNIQ profiles and frames are delivered as standard in a stainless steel look finish. If desired, they can also be delivered brute, so any colour can be chosen to ensure the profile perfectly suits any kind of floor.

A stunning look combined with safety and easy assembly: that’s UNIQ.

Are you curious about the possibilities?