Delivery program expanded

Black is a color that is increasingly seen in modern construction projects. Glass balustrades are also used in many of these projects, and their appearance must of course fit in perfectly with the rest of the building. The delivery program of UNIQ profiles for glass balustrades has therefore been expanded with profiles in a satin black anodised version. Now the balustrade can be mounted directly with profiles in the right colour, which are also quickly available.

UNIQ SB-O1S in satin black

The widely used UNIQ SB-O1S profile for top mounting is now available from stock in the satin black version. This profile is versatile, for example for balconies, (roof) terraces, windbreaks or along stairs. The corresponding corner pieces, end caps and the U-profile to finish the top of the balustrade are also available immediately.

On request

The other profiles from the UNIQ SB-O and SB-A series are also available in black on request. There is a beautiful and suitable solution for every application, both for private use and for applications in public buildings.

More information

For more information about the satin black profiles and of course for all other questions, please contact our sales team.