Glass balustrades with an attractive design

The primary function of glass balustrades is providing safety. Whether indoors or outside, UNIQ has the right profile for all glass balustrades in every situation. Suitable for mounting on or against  floors of concrete, steel or wood, with a finished or rough surface. The UNIQ profiles for glass balustrades are certified by BSI – a safe idea.

The ultimate in safety for glass balustrades

The UNIQ system features a number of new developments based on new insights and increasingly stringent safety requirements. With the patented clamping strip, the glass is fixed evenly across its entire width, which avoids stress in the glass. Even heavy vibrations don’t affect the clamping strip, because unlike wedges, it can’t come loose. In addition, profiles with hollow chambers are lighter and stronger than conventional ones.

Contact information

UNIQ profiles for glass balustrades meet all safety requirements. Would you like to find out more? Then, please contact us! You can call one of our specialists or email us with your questions.

UNIQ delivers:

✓ Unique smart solutions
✓ ‘hollow’ design – lightweight
✓ Fast and easy montage
✓ The right profile for every balustrade