Lightweight and safe glass balustrade systems

Glass is a translucent material that allows a strong spatial effect. Therefore it’s indispensable in today’s architecture. The UNIQ glass balustrade system is suitable for any application: for installation on or against the floor, on finished or rough concrete, steel or wooden floors, indoors or outdoors and for line loads of 0.5-1-2-3 kN/m. Thanks to the hollow chamber design, the UNIQ glass balustrade system is strong and still lightweight. This glass balustrade system is certified by BSI.

Strong and lightweight glass balustrade systems

UNIQ stands for a safe glass balustrade system. The clamping strip can’t come loose due to vibration, as can happen with wedges. With the patented clamping strip the glass is entirely and evenly clamped, which avoids high tension in the glass panel. In addition, small deviations in position or thickness of the glass can be corrected with the bolts of the clamping strip.

Contact information

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UNIQ delivers

✓ Unique smart solutions
✓ ‘hollow’ design – lightweight
✓ Fast and easy montage
✓ The right profile for every balustrade