Elegant balustrade profiles with unique clamping system

A glass balustrade is a beautiful object. Translucent and transparent, giving the wonderful effect of the glass raising out of the floor. The UNIQ balustrade profile with the unique clamping system is the best choice in terms of value for money. UNIQ provides profiles for any balustrade, all with the unique clamping system. For assembly on or against the floor, for finished or rough concrete, steel or wooden floors and for various line loads.

Elegant glass balustrades

The clamping system secures the glass entirely, so that rubbers and wedges are no longer needed. The profiles are finished with aluminium covers for an elegant look. Handrails in several sizes are available to complete the UNIQ balustrade. UNIQ profiles with the patented clamping system have already been used in several projects across the UK and Europe.


If you would like to know more about UNIQ glass balustrades and our certified clamping system then please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you.

UNIQ delivers

✓ Unique smart solutions
✓ ‘hollow’ design – lightweight
✓ Fast and easy montage
✓ The right profile for every balustrade